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Maximize your savings

It's like a CD at a bank⁠—but with better rates⁠. A Share Certificate can help you save more each month.

How It Works

With a Share Certificate, you deposit your money and pick a “term” to leave it untouched. In exchange, we’ll give you a killer interest rate. The minimum deposit is just $500, and we have lots of term options, starting at just three months. With us, it’s easy to save.

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Building a Stronger Community Together

Voyage FCU is excited to serve our amazing communities with an exclusive Share Certificate Special! Join us on this financial journey and secure your future now!

Deposit your money | Leave it untouched for a set “term” | Earn big-time interest


TermUnder $10,000$10,000 +
6 months4.36% Div4.45% APY4.41% Div4.50% APY
12 months4.01% Div4.08% APY4.06% Div4.14% APY
18 months3.50% Div3.56% APY3.55% Div3.61% APY
24 months3.50% Div3.56% APY3.55% Div3.61% APY
36 months2.90% Div2.94% APY2.95% Div2.99% APY
48 months3.10% Div3.14% APY3.15% Div3.20% APY
60 months3.20% Div3.25% APY3.25% Div3.30% APY
Rates Effective as of:6/8/2023


* $500.00 minimum. Rates are based on qualifications and all rates shown are APY (Annual Percentage Yield) which are declared by the Board of Directors and are subject to change. A complete account disclosure is available upon request and will be provided at account opening.

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