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Empowering you on your financial journey

Voyage Federal Credit Union has a continued legacy of personal service, small business, and community support. What began as two separate credit unions, Bell Federal Credit Union and Metz McKennan – with histories dating back to World War II – blossomed into a mutually respectful merger in 2011 that encouraged growth and opportunity both for the credit union and for its members. Our founders of the credit union understood that every person and every business has an individual relationship to finances and that this relationship is a journey. 

This same philosophy has remained through the merger and is infused into every aspect of Voyage Federal Credit Union. 

Since 2011, Voyage has doubled its footprint on the financial market to more than $105 million in assets, the profits of which are all shared among its valued members. Our staff at Voyage works hard to remain present for the people who trust us with their money. We are a credit union founded and run on those small-town type principles of solid work ethic, relationship building, and community involvement.

Our goals at Voyage Federal Credit Union are to empower our members – by thoroughly informing and educating them – as well as prepare and guide them for the journey ahead. Voyage is in the business of service and servant leadership. We do this by wholeheartedly working to meet the needs of our members with their financial position however we can. 

You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your money as you watch your bank account, portfolio, and your life’s experiences grow. Our top concern at Voyage Federal Credit Union is the satisfaction and success of our members, our family, and we are well on our way to endless exploring, endless journeying forward, and endless growth together. It is our hope that you will advance, grow, and go with us. Opportunity awaits and we’re giving you the green light. 

Here’s a timeline of our history


The people of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company come together to charter a new credit union, and call it Sioux Falls Bell Federal Credit Union.


Elsewhere, Midwest Partners Federal Credit Union gets chartered by the people of Metz Baking Company.

Overhead view of Avera McKennan Hospital


Metz/Mckennan Federal Credit Union is formed through the merge of Midwest Partners and Mckennan Hospital Employee Federal Credit Unions.


Metz/Mckennan changes its name back to Midwest Partners Federal Credit Union due to expanding membership and to better reflect key sponsors.


Sioux Falls Bell shortens its name and broadens membership opportunities to Minnehaha and Lincoln counties as Bell Federal Credit Union.

Voyage Dawley Farm Branch


This one is kind of a big deal. It’s where all three histories start a new one altogether. Midwest Partners and Bell combine in a new partnership. This came through approval by the National Credit Union Administration and a membership vote by the people of Midwest Partners Federal Credit Union. The past names were out, and let’s be honest, they were quite a mouthful. In reflection of where we came from and where we will go with our members, we became Voyage Federal Credit Union.

It’s a refreshingly uncomplicated name for the simple, straightforward banking service we offer to our members in their unique journeys through life.

Voyage employee standing in a branch
Voyage employee putting in air pods while sitting on a park bench

The Voyage FCU Charter

The field of membership is extended to persons who live, work (or regularly conduct business in), worship, or attend school in, and businesses and other legal entities located in the rural districts in 25 counties across 4 states.

Membership Benefits

Explore the benefits you get when you’re a Voyage member. From shares in the credit union to a say in how we run things, there’s multiple reasons you’ll want to be a member.


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