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men working on building a house


Let's Build Your Dream Home

With a construction loan, you can collect those images of "home" floating around in your daydreams and turn them into brick and mortar.

floor plans with pen and tap measure on table

From Breaking Ground to Paid in Full

Construction loans are two-stage loans that take your dream home from the first brick to fully paid-off. The first stage is a short-term loan where Voyage pays your contractors and vendors as your home is being built. Once the home is complete, you will work with your Voyage team to find your ideal financing that will take your construction loan into a permanent mortgage. It’s a one-two punch that lets you afford and conquer the big financial step of building your own house.

Flexible financing to realize your dreams | Pay all your contractors from one loan | Enjoy the market expertise of a local company

two contractors looking at building plans

Let's Build Together

It's easy to get started with a Construction Loan. Once you've paid the vendors and contractors, the loan will transition to one of our low rate long-term mortgages.


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