Empowering Women in Business during National Women's History Month, with SD CEO East Women's Business Center Director, Sadie Swier

Headshot of Sadie Swier, Director of SD CEO East.

Join us on Tips for Change as we sit down with Sadie Swier, the dynamic director of SD CEO East Women's Business Center. This month, we're diving into the world of women entrepreneurs in honor of National Women’s History Month.

In our engaging conversation, Sadie discusses the mission of the Women's Business Center to support women in business. As a 501c3 non-profit, they're here to make a real difference in eastern South Dakota.

Sadie sheds light on the hurdles women in business often face. Sadie speaks particularly on the crucial roles of financial literacy and robust support networks. She's passionate about the center's upcoming programs, designed to foster collaboration and growth among women entrepreneurs.

Highlighting innovative trends and initiatives, Sadie shares her excitement about the potential in sectors like food businesses, solo-preneurship, and services that require minimal overhead. Her optimism shines through when talking about expanding the center's impact beyond Sioux Falls, aiming to empower women across the entire region.

The episode wraps up with Sadie's powerful message on taking advantage of the center's free business advising services. She emphasizes the significance of financial empowerment as a cornerstone for success in the business world for women.

To catch the full discussion with Sadie and get inspired by the empowerment of women in business, tune into the episode on Spotify or iTunes. Discover how initiatives like the East Women's Business Center are paving the way for women-led businesses to thrive.

Episode Highlights:

  • Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship during National Women's History Month

  • Overcoming Business Challenges with Financial Savvy and Solidarity

  • The Rise of Women-Led Initiatives in Food, Solo Ventures, and Low-Overhead Services

  • Expanding Support for Women Entrepreneurs Across Eastern South Dakota

  • The Importance of Financial Empowerment in Women's Business Success

Episode Mentions:

About Sadie Swier:

Leading the SD CEO East, Sadie Swier is at the forefront of guiding aspiring and established entrepreneurs towards groundbreaking business strategies. With a rich background as the Community Outreach Manager for Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc., Sadie brings a wealth of experience in supporting small businesses.

She's fueled by a passion to ignite change and connect the vibrant business community throughout the state, helping them to navigate challenges and celebrate successes. When she's not empowering business owners, Sadie loves immersing herself in local culture, from theater and gourmet meals to volunteering and exploring new destinations with loved ones.

Don't miss out on this empowering episode where we delve into how women are reshaping the business landscape!

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